You Do Not Have to Live with Seven Years of Bad Credit Many people mistakenly believe that bad credit has to stay on your credit reports for seven to ten years.

The truth is that the FCRA only LIMITS the amount of time something can stay on your credit reports. There is no minimum time period that an item must remain on your credit reports.

Getting Credit Repair Help From An Expert

After all, they say, why hire someone to repair your credit reports when you can do it yourself?

By their logic, you could also tune up your car, build your own computer, calculate your own taxes, or cut your own hair. The law gives you the right to do so. But most of the time you have a professional do these things for you because it is usually faster, cheaper, easier, and produces better results.

Credit Unlimited makes credit repair accessible and easy.

Credit Unlimited has the knowledge and the experience to effectively repair your credit reports. Our credit repair process makes it so you don't have to worry about contacting the credit bureaus, drafting dispute letters, and dealing with the stall tactics perfected by credit bureaus. Although you have the right to repair your credit by yourself, Credit Unlimited makes it so you don't have to.

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