What can be deleted from credit reports? Any item can be disputed that you feel is inaccurate, incomplete or unverifiable, including:
Late Payment
Charge Off

Credit Scores Make Judging You Easy

Streamlining, cutting costs, simplifying the approval process:
All these things create bigger profits for the credit industry.

Many decades ago, when you applied for credit, a creditor would take the time to read through your credit reports and decide whether or not to lend you money based on the information they contained. This system proved to be time-consuming and inaccurate because of the manual labor involved, the judgment calls required of the creditors, and the inherent inaccuracies in credit reports.

The solution to this problem was a system that takes the items in your credit history, plugs them into a statistical model, and generates a single number - your credit score. The credit score gave creditors an easy way to determine your credit risk. The lower the credit score, the higher the credit risk.

The current credit scoring system is an improvement but it does not take care of the core problem of the credit reporting system - unproven harmful accusations in your credit reports. These unfair accusations can cause your credit score to be lower than it should be, so even though your credit score is an easy way for creditors to judge your credit risk, it may still be inaccurate.

Credit Unlimited can improve your credit score

Credit Unlimited can improve the accuracy of your credit score by forcing the credit bureaus to prove the items in your credit reports. Credit Unlimited can help you improve your credit score and give lenders a better impression of who you are and may help get you into a new home or save thousands of dollars by refinancing existing loans.
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