Did you know that 79% of credit reports have errors? Any item can be disputed that you feel is inaccurate, incomplete, biased or unverifiable. Including:
Late Payment
Charge Off
And more...

Your Credit Reports Tell Your Credit Story

If your credit score represents your current financial identity, then your credit reports comprise a history of your financial life. They tell the story of what you have done over the past 7 or more years.

The problem with your credit reports is that they consist of accusations written, often sloppily, by other people (your creditors). In essence, your credit reports are an unofficial, unauthorized biography of your credit history.

The result is that the story your credit reports are telling is probably not necessarily accurate. There are things in your credit reports that are likely incorrect, incomplete, or simply cannot be proven. These accusations in your credit story may be unfairly giving creditors a bad impression of who you are.

Even if you are a responsible person who is worthy of a mortgage loan or a credit card with a low interest rate, creditors will still treat you as a credit risk if that is the story your credit reports are telling.

Credit Unlimited helps ensure your credit story is correct

Credit repair gives you the opportunity to edit your credit biography. You have the ability to remove or correct the items in your credit reports that are telling the wrong story about you. Credit Unlimited makes this process easy. Credit Unlimited acts as your personal editor for your credit reports.
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