You Do Not Have to Live with Seven Years of Bad Credit Many people mistakenly believe that bad credit has to stay on your credit reports for seven to ten years.

The truth is that the FCRA only LIMITS the amount of time something can stay on your credit reports. There is no minimum time period that an item must remain on your credit reports.

Credit Repair Gets Results

Too many people say that the only way to improve your credit score
is to wait for the negative items to fall off your credit reports.
It's simply untrue.

The claim that the only thing you can do to improve your credit is to a) bide your time, b) pay your bills, c) and manage your lines of credit, makes no sense. What happens when there is information on your credit reports that shouldn't be there? Is it really fair to say that even though you don't deserve bad credit, you are stuck with it for seven to ten years?

Fortunately, these credit repair cynics are mistaken. Credit repair does work, and millions of negative items have been legitimately removed from credit reports as a result of credit repair.

Credit Unlimited Gets Results For You

Credit Unlimited's customers have experienced credit repair results first-hand. Our customers have used credit repair to remove late payments, charge offs, judgments, and more from their credit reports. Their improved credit scores have enabled them to purchase homes and get approved for loans that were out of reach before using Credit Unlimited to repair their credit reports.

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