Did you know that 79% of credit reports have errors? Any item can be disputed that you feel is inaccurate, incomplete, biased or unverifiable. Including:
Late Payment
Charge Off
And more...

Our Credit Repair Process

Becoming a client of Credit Unlimited only take a few minutes and can be done online using our secure sign-up pages or over the phone by calling and speaking with one of our trained specialists.

Sign up with Credit Unlimited

The path to an improved credit score starts by providing Credit Unlimited with the information we need to create your account and create a profile for you in the Credit Unlimited client site. We can also start the dispute process immediately if you know which items on your credit reports should be disputed.
Jumpstart the dispute process

Get a copy of your credit reports

You will need a current copy of your credit reports in order to know which items to dispute with the credit bureaus. We can help you get a copy of your reports if you do not have one already.
Ordering your credit reports

Provide us with your credit reports

When you provide a copy of your credit reports to Credit Unlimited, we are able to take this information and add it to your Credit Unlimited profile. You can then log into the client site, view your credit reports online, and track your results.
Providing Acccess to Your Reports

Tell us which items to dispute

The customer site is also used to tell us which items on your credit reports you feel are inaccurate, incomplete, or unverifiable. These are the items we will dispute with the credit bureaus.
Which items can be disputed
From there, Credit Unlimited does the work. All we ask is for you to forward us any correspondence you receive from the bureaus as we take on your credit.
Sending responses to CU